We're focused on delivering affordable tree care services and personalized customer care. Our crew will always arrive at your home or office on time and with the tools needed to complete your job properly. We'll inspect your trees to determine whether removal or pruning is needed before giving you a free estimate. Call today to request your free estimate or to learn more about our tree care services in Freeport, PA. 


When you have a dead or dying tree on your Freeport property, trust Solid Oak Tree Service for tree removal. Here at Solid Oak, we make use of our extensive experience and industry leading equipment to fell your trees properly.

We remove the crown first and work our way down the tree, cutting as we go. This method eliminates the need for heavy machinery and ensures safe tree removal. Schedule an appointment for tree removal services with Solid Oak Tree Service in Freeport, PA.


For prompt and efficient lot clearing services, turn to Solid Oak Tree Service. We've been clearing land in the Freeport, PA area for 20 years! Throughout the years, our team has worked hard to deliver first-rate lot clearing services and one-on-one customer care.

When you need trees and brush removed from a lot, trust Solid Oak Tree Service with the job. Schedule an appointment to start your land clearing project in Freeport, PA as soon as possible.


Trimming your trees can increase the sun exposure on your property, improve the appearance of your landscape, and encourage healthy tree growth. Here at Solid Oak Tree Service, we are the smart choice for tree trimming services in the Freeport, PA area because we have the experience needed to prune your trees quickly and safely.

Maintain the trees at your home or office with tree trimming from Solid Oak Tree Service. Contact us right away to schedule an appointment.


If your land is riddled with stumps after a tree removal or land clearing job, call Solid Oak Tree Service for stump grinding. We have our own stump grinder so we can swiftly eliminate all of the stumps on your property.

Over the years, we've worked hard to become the go-to tree care and lot clearing company in the Freeport, PA area. Hire Solid Oak Tree Service when you have an ugly stump at your home or office. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.


If you want to cut your own trees or brush but don’t have the resources or time to dispose of the brush or trees, we offer our bush/tree chipping service. Schedule an appointment for chipping services with Solid Oak Tree Service in Freeport, PA.

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